Transformation is key for any achievement – N.C.Bedi (Hypnotist)



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Today unfolding of one more secret in simple and few words. Transformation is key for any achievement we want in our life. But how?

We all are living in customized perceptual world created out of environment, learning, experiences, beliefs etc. All are having customized perceptual world and dealing through it. Any information from any area of life is added as per customized perceptual world. Original information is manipulated according to our customized perceptual world and stored for reference. This manipulation is root cause of our non transformation, though we want to achieve, our outside world bench marking. We want to be out of miseries, but for this transformation is required. In our complete life we are same with same problems and same behaviours. It does not matter how much qualitative , accurate and important solutions we get, what matters is,  how much we let it enter in our customized perceptual world as it is, means, without our manipulation. This is amazing that we all think we are dealing with persons but in fact we all are dealing with customized perceptual worlds. This is main root cause of our conflict, struggle and sickness. We all think we are right and other is wrong and want to enforce our customized perceptual world on others. How can it be possible? To enjoy blessed and blissful life, we have to come out of our customized perceptual world and face the real world. Only then transformation is possible.  

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N.C.Bedi (Hypnotist)

Hypnotherapist | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker | Healer