Conflict is main root cause of problems – N.C.Bedi (Hypnotist)


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Today unfolding of new secret in simple and few words. Conflict is main root cause of problems.

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Conflict simply means noncompliance with set laws, rules and regulations. It may be family,  social or natural laws, rules and regulations. Whenever any problem in life arises it simply  indicates that some where something is wrong. So deep analysis is required to understand the lack. Intro inspection is essential to understand the lack. Conflicts waste lot energy which otherwise could be used to enjoy life. Every person has his own point of view towards life but one should ensure it should not bring conflict anyway. Misunderstanding of facts brings unnecessary struggles which further invites lot of problems. So knowledge plays important role to resolve the crises. To see the facts great deal of focus is required which should be free from bias. Only conflict free life can be fact based, free and blissful.

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