In death, only bonds die not you – N.C.Bedi (Hypnotist)


Hope you are doing great. Today unfolding of new secret in simple words.

Death simply means breakage of bonding with other than you. This simply

means you are attached to body, emotions,

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experiences etc, which you are not. But due to bonding, illusion makes you that. In death, only bonds die not you. Every moment you are changing. Change simply means movement between old and new. This cycle never ends. This movement is life. So in reality you don’t die but bonding with this cycle creates illusion makes other you out of you and you think that I am going to die. Please observe and be free which already you are. Fear is an illusion if you observe deeply. This observation is real meditation.

Ok, See you in next article with new secret. Till then stay blessed

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N.C.Bedi (Hypnotist)

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