value adding activities and waste activities

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Today with new secret in simple words. Life is sum of time simply 24000 days average though not guaranteed. Many breathes make life. Each moment is invaluable. So we have to understand that time is above all. We

must spend time very carefully. We must know to differentiate between the value adding activities and waste activities. Value adding activities means the activities which lead towards your set goal for example knowledge, motivation, planning, happiness, work enjoyment etc. Non value adding activities means gossiping, wasting time in discussions of negatives of others, passing time etc. We must know the activities to be performed in line with the goal of life. The balance between money, health, time and resources make life successful, happy and enjoyable. Successful people perform only valuable activities and know to reduce or eliminate the wastage in every fields of life. You can also be one of them by training your subconscious mind. Split between conscious and subconscious results in failure. Hypnosis is very helpful in aligning the both parts of mind.
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