How does cycle of activity or actions or karma takes place? – N.C.Bedi (Hypnotist)

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Let us unfold one more secret in a very simple way. How does cycle of activity or actions or karma takes place? In first stage it comes into the mind in the form of thought. In second stage it goes into execution and maintenance with the help of knowledge and power. In third and last stage it comes to the stage of completion or destruction of action. Every action has it’s own consequences may be in favour or against. It impacts the concerned and creates new situations. Every action breeds reactions and vice-versa. This repeated cycle results in happiness or sorrow. It keep on going through out whole life. In this process biology is impacted and if failure occurs or result doesn’t meet expectations disease is manifested in the body. It may be stress, depression, fear, frustration etc. So it becomes very essential to understand the behavioral patterns displayed during the failure, for improvement. Behavioral patterns are stored in subconscious mind. These can be altered to bring desirable result to enjoy success in life. You can learn hypnosis, a very simple process to connect with your subconscious mind and be successful. You can also take sessions on line from us.
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