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My aim is to present the secret of life in very few and simple words.


Today let us unfold new secret about Ego. If simplified, it has no existence and is nothing but our liking and disliking may be working style, living style, earning style thinking style etc. It is necessary to know the process to achieve the set target and is to be conveyed to the concerned. It does not fall under liking or disliking eg. mother guides or takes care of child to educate say just eg. about the fire. We always want to enforce our liking or disliking on others knowingly or unknowingly in positive or negative manners. It disturbs every concerned person’s individuality and existence which is root cause of all physical or mental conflicts. This invites many diseases. Subconscious mind is store for all liking, disliking habits, behaviour etc. As we are connected with family and society our behaviour, dealings, strategies, working style, execution style etc are shaped by subconscious mind data. So to achieve our goal may it be personal or professional we need to align subconscious mind for quick, efficient results. Hypnosis connects us with subconscious.

Learn and enjoy life.

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N.C.Bedi (Hypnotist)

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