Nothing is good or bad but suitable and unsuitable – N.C.Bedi (Hypnotist)



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Today one more secret in simple and few words. Nothing is good or bad but suitable and unsuitable. Simply speaking things or persons are misfit for each other but we think things or person, is bad.

Going more deep we project our perceptual world on other person which creates suitability or unsuitability. If we stop creating our own perceptual world then everything in this universe is suitable. This is highest state of mind. But till we achieve highest state we have to manage things or persons in such a way that we can enjoy life successfully. In fact problems faced in life are based upon mismatching of our principle thinking. Our behaviour is displayed according to our principle thinking. In simple words if a person is always after money then his all planning, behaviour,  strategies will be displayed accordingly and can be observed. He will think good or bad accordingly. In our daily life we come across such observations. Successful people understand, analyze other persons and deal accordingly. Subconscious mind can be trained for successful dealings. Hypnosis can help a lot in this regard. You can also learn and be successful in your life.

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N.C.Bedi (Hypnotist)

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